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Why you need more sex

Today we’re a little raunchy. But that’s ok, right?

When Maslow wrote his hierarchy of needs, “physiological” was at the foundation of it. And included in this is sex, for good reason. It’s one of the things in life that’s really, really hard to do without, unless you’re some kind of ascetic (go ahead, look it up, i’ll wait).

But before we go any further, please put emotions and marriage and all of that to the side. This is not what we’re talking about today. Just the physical act of sex.

You’re happier
By any measure, the flood of Oxycotyn that we get before, during and after sex does so much thats positive for us, its completely off the charts. Other chemicals flood the brain that leads to a feeling of well being, relaxation and happiness. That’s why when you go to the office or school the next day after a great night of sex, you seem so happy to everyone.

It increases bonding
Sure. Love is good, but sex makes love get better. Because it increases and improves intimacy between a couple. You want to cuddle afterwards. And studies show couples who have more sex have more feelings of love and trust for each other.

Better menstrual cycles for the ladies
Sex helps to produce more estrogen. This means more regular menstrual cycles, increases in fertility and get this - delays menopause.

Helps reduce pain
When you have a headache, that’s not the time to refuse sex. In fact, studies show that the hormones and chemicals released during pain have a strong pain reducing component.

The best sleeping pill
For men, our cerebral cortex actually switches off during orgasm. It literally knocks us out. So ladies, your guy is not a selfish bastard. It’s his brain that’s a selfish bastard and he has no control over it.

Whatever you do, orgasms should be encouraged, because its when these happen that we get the greatest effect of sex.

Happy humping!