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Why working hard mostly leads to failure

We know people that are successful that work really hard.
We also know people that are barely getting by that work really hard too.

What’s the difference?

The successful person figures out what they need to work for and why, then they start working. The unsuccessful person will work really hard at 2 or 3 minimum wage jobs at a time, but has no goal in sight.

Why are you working? Who will benefit most from your labor?

Here are some simple strategies you can take to work smarter.

Invest more. Spend less
This does not mean investing into stocks and bonds. It means investing in yourself. I still use a crappy iPhone 5 instead of the slick new iPhone 6S+. I could easily spend that $1,000 on a new phone, or I can pay for the guys that are building my cottage for 2 weeks. The math is simple. One is spending, the other is investing. I could buy a new 52" flat screen tv set, or buy a nice laptop for my kid who would learn programming, microsoft office and do her homework on it. Spending vs. Investing.

You don’t need that fancy car (and it’s payment)
In the age of Uber and Lyft and the ability to buy a nice reliable car on CraigsList, there’s no good reason to splurge on that new Lexus. Buy something cheap and used that has good gas mileage. You’ll save maybe over $10,000 dollars per year on payments, insurance and gas. Get something to move you around and thats enough.

Think about what you’re buying
With most Americans owning 300,000 items (yes items) in the average home, there’s very little we need. If you really need something, check the local garage sales first. You can get great stuff for pennies on the dollars that are barely used.

A second stream of income
This is the key. Start working on a second stream of income – this comes naturally when you watch less TV. I mentioned before that an extra $500 per month can mean the world of difference. And to make that extra $500 per month means you work one two hours per night after work or school. No excuses.

Now many of you might not have an idea of what kind of business you want to start. I’d love to help.