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Why the "news" does not affect your life

Lets face it, watching the news is addictive. Who does not want to hear the breathless updates on the latest shootings, the economy or Donald Trump?

But the fact is, the news, as is it now, will have almost zero impact on your life.

Even if Donald Trump gets elected president (and we hope he does not). It will not materially affect your day to day life.

Apple’s new iPhone will not change your world.

Even the sad shooting that happened in Orlando, really, when you think about it, (besides making you feel sad for the victims) – will not affect your day to day life at all.

And your friend’s new car photos in Facebook’s “news-feed” will only make you feel inadequate.

Here’s what you should pay attention to:

Keep up with your interests
Keep up with blogs that can help you improve your day to day life. My interests are early retirement, minimalism, technology, entrepreneurship and home design. I’ve found a few sites that keep me current and check on those a few times a day.

Listen to podcasts
Podcasts are an incredibly personal medium. If you found a set of podcasts that you like listening to, then subscribe to them so you keep up to date. Again these podcasts should be about your interests. Not the news.

Read books
Books - whether fiction or non-fiction - are the one thing that helps us expand our minds. From experiencing different worlds on other planets, to exploring different viewpoints about your mind. They’re the best collections of the thoughts of leading thinkers.

“So Ericson” you say. “How will I know whats going on?”

That’s easy. Your friends will tell you. As you pass by a TV or radio you’ll pick up whats happening. As you read websites the news will go by in the sidebar or at the end of that cool story you’re reading about your interest.

My point is, the news should be like your lovable aunt coming over with a batch of cookies. You’re not buying them or baking them, but you’ll take a bite if someone shoves one in your face.

Are you a news junkie? It’s time to get rid of that habit.