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Which watch do you want to buy?

Do you hesitate and don't know which watch to buy? Here is a guide on how to choose a watch for men or women. If the time has come for you to buy your first luxury watch, or the second or third, no matter whether you are a big fan or a beginner, the subject of this article has not changed and we will help you choose the best one.

Watches from unsafe sources

The watches you've dreamed for years, say your Holy Grail, that you saved to buy it, but you can't find it in stores near your home; one day you find an announcement on the internet and the price is attractive, you are very interested in the idea of buying it but the seller has no qualifications, reviews, or sales guarantees; being impatient can cause, especially for those who are beginners, fraud or bad surprises; my advice is don't buy it, wait!

Buy only from quality retailers and I guarantee that it will always be the best choice; don't be in a hurry and you will see that waiting will always be rewarded with great satisfaction when you finally have the watches of your dreams.

You are a beginner but still fascinated by the world of watches; switch to a shopping center and at a certain point, look at the window you see, glowing, with a beautiful presence and an unreachable price; surely it will be a good watch considering the price you think and this is another type of watch that you must definitely avoid. Usually this type of watch only shows appearance or gives visibility to the Brand printed on the dial.

Some examples are brands like Michael Kors, Daniel Wellington, Armani or other well-known brands in the fashion world; the fact is that most of these branded watches are technically not good at all and prices have risen tremendously. This world is full of technically and qualitatively superior watches compared to this Fashion Watch, with prices sometimes lower.

Buy for pure investment

Today we know luxury watches like Jaeger-Lecoultre and Rolex are not a simple tool for measuring time, they are no longer a necessity, but rather an accessory, a jewel and in many cases I dare say, an art form. They are expensive things but they can give us great emotions to use; by many people they are even considered investment assets and some of this is also true; but this is precisely the type of watch that I don't recommend, namely "pure investment"; you buy a watch that you like what makes you happy when you wear it and from where you can't turn around during the day.

Don't just think about the possibility of resale or revaluation, rest assured that if you buy a watch because you like it first, you won't think of selling it again in the future; Of course getting good opportunities is certainly a smart move, but what's the point if you don't like it first?