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Which e-commerce platform should you choose? Everyone has their priorities. When you raise such a question, people become defensive towards their choice. This is an endless debate and often gets hot. But it is valid, given how difficult it is to get from one platform to the other platform. But if you can make decisions about the features that are important in achieving your business goals, then you may be able to pick one with little luck.

As difficult to give it on our bias, we should provide new e-commerce owners with the right decision about what to expect. This is important because there will be an impact beyond the availability of simple features on the platform. This will come to change, and in some ways, the business will define the way it operates. Therefore, we should consider appropriate before settling on any eCommerce platform as well as web to print software.

Dominating factor:
Since the objective is to identify the platform that is most suitable for an online web to print shop, we will analyze the factor which is most relevant to the use case. These can be the cost of development, cost of a license, customization factors, service, and support, etc. The entire thought process is to make sure that the selected platforms should have all the parameters and look for the organizational needs before development.

Magento is one of the oldest platforms among all. With the introduction of Magento 2 and later closing support for Magento 1, Adobe began to show various aspects, such as the speed of processing.

However, it is one of the most expensive alternatives. The community edition is free to use. But the enterprise edition's is based on your estimated annual gross sales revenue, and this could go onwards $22000 to $125,000. Also, you cannot use directly out-of-the-box as it requires further development and it is critical to personalize. This means that you have to hire a developer who will add on the cost.

Despite this, it is one of the well-known e-commerce platforms out there, which is around 20% of all web-stores. It is largely customizable, and there is a large community of developers to support it.

Various Magento product designers give support to Magneto2.0. It is best for large scale enterprise having an optimum investment in this along with best in-house developers specifically when one requires high-end customization.

Canada based eCommerce platform is one of the easiest and smoothest to use the platform on this list. Package includes hosting, and it is easy to work with. The platform guides you through simple steps in the setup process.

It works seamlessly with Shopify Product Configurator. It is best for small to a higher level of companies. It also provides integration with your physical store. On the other hand, there are boundaries when it comes to personalizing, although overall the design is very good. Pricing can be quite high, specifically for the enterprise with higher sales revenue.

It is the newest platform among all and is a part of WordPress extension. It is a high-end feature rich and smooth to use once done with the setup. The best part about this is that' it provides the right balance of customization and ease with which it can be installed.

It has a vast community globally of the developers that lead to the number of themes, support, and plug-ins which you can find online. Plug-ins like WooCommerce product design plugin work flawlessly along with the web store with various essential features. It gives you the most control over any other platforms. Meaning, you can personalize it to a greater extent.

On Flipside, hidden costs may be contrary to popular belief, which is free. Although WordPress and WooCommerce are free, you must pay for hosting, domain, e-mail, plugins, and extensions.

This is a great option for people who are using WordPress or those who are looking for highly customizable software without being too complex.

Don't make haste. This is where you should set your time because once it is committed to a platform; it is very difficult to change it. This is a very messy process that one should avoid at all costs. Not just this will need technological expertise, but it will take a lot of time and money. It can also have a bad effect on your SEO.

Above it, it will be tough for you and attached employees to grasp the new environment. Therefore, make sure you pass through all the details before going to a platform. You can also go through the case studies or can have words with the expert.

Summing up:
Make sure to check and go through our web to print software solutions. It is a smooth and unique solution for your web store. We created this especially in keeping in mind with the online print shop. This iDesigniBuy Product Configurator works seamlessly across all the platforms. For more details drop us a mail at

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