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Whether you hire a removal company or move everything to the new house yourself depends on a lot of factors like time, budget, and how many things you need to move. Both options have their own benefits such as: Transportation. Removal companies often have trucks that they can use for the move. But if your own vehicle will suffice, you can save a bit of money on fees. Packing. If you’re up for it, you can pack your own things before the move. However, there are an enterprising few who can do it for you for a fee. Insurance. This is perhaps the biggest advantage to hiring a removal company. Extremely useful if you have valuable items that need to be protected during the move. Personally, I would always opt to hire removers if only for the insurance. When we moved to the UK a few years ago, a company who did removals in Maidstone helped facilitate a smooth relocation for us. I paid a bit more than I expected, but it was worth it considering how well the move went.