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We have adopted the latest gadgets for running and other things in our day to day life, then how why we are not accepting the new technology for our business? Dynamic 3D Product Configurator is a big deal for any business. Almost all stakeholders prefer to see the item data, including from product design to service in a 3D format which is lightweight, consistent, and available to all. The accomplishment of a ‘digital thread’ strategy widely depends on how companies execute this.

Earlier, taking screenshots and running lengthy textual reports to keep track of the product changes was a stressful task and needed tedious hours; it still runs into version control problems. Nowadays, we have powerful visual tools that help to represent products embedded in every sector of the business, including an early phase engineering concept, designing and configuration validation, to operational planning and technical illustrations for other departments.

A successful organizational transformation is hooked on a single steady digital thread. This enables for collaboration inside of a scalable, modern Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. Following are the top four reasons why any organization should adapt product customization software and why it should be at the top of your list to explore the benefit of the digital thread strategy:

1. Faster and Better Decision Making: In the recent Harvard Business Review article it is beautifully conveyed that we process information through all five senses, but at different rates. According to the statistics, around 80% to 90% of the information humans acquire is accessed through vision. This clearly shows that visualizing product makes it easier for consumers to make a purchase decision and have a great influence on end-users. This enables your customers to make the correct decision faster by:

Providing and marking up feedback directly to the product while designing customized the product.

Selecting the color, style, material, etc. and trying different combination to create something of their taste.

As the software allow you to restrict users for selecting invalid combinations, they can exempt themselves from it.

2. Save the Manufacturing Cost: By utilizing simple, lightweight software to your existing website, you can reduce the manufacturing cost. As product design software allows you to define the available material and possible combination through the backend, users cannot create any impossible design, which reduces the chances of returns. Also, as you are facilitating your customers to create their own design, it is likely that they will like the product delivered to them and they will consider purchasing from you again and again. With this, you can reduce the return rate and can build a strong and loyal customer base for your business.

3. Reduced Marketing Cost and Time: By integrating a good product customization tool you can reduce the time and money required to market. As most of the configurators comes with share and save features which allow your customers to share their designs on social media which indirectly promote your business. In the world of digital transformation, everyone uses social media platforms and there is a better scope to create brand awareness through such platforms. Also, people listen to their friends and family rather than believing in marketing campaign run by an organization itself. Integrating the best tool with more advanced features will add more and more advantages to your business.

4. Minimize Work Load on Your Employee: As the tools come with an easy-to-use interface and facilitate your customers to create their own designs, it saves the time of your sales team to explain them about the size, color and other specifications and they can focus on generating more leads. Also, it saves the time and efforts of your designers, as they don’t need to create designs again and again until and unless the user approves the design before sending it for manufacturing. Providing the platform where end users can make changes and submit it for manufacturing reduces the cycle time and results in quick service with high accuracy.

A good product configurator with advanced features can help you to take your business to the next level and to expand your customer base. If you are also looking to integrate the product customization tool and confused whom to contact or if you have any queries related to the same, you can contact iDesigniBuy. We have a team of market experts who are capable of answering all your queries; also, our team of well-experienced developers will serve you with the custom-made tool for your business to meet your business goals.