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Virtual Debit Cards with its ample benefits are getting well recognized by the people all over the world these days. Moreover, as the cyber crimes have significantly increased and there has been numerous instances when people are deceived while they withdrew money from an ATM which didn’t belong to their bank, there is now greater propensity among people to opt for a safer option. This option has to be availed in such a manner that it fulfills requirement of the customers as well as also help to keep their personal information safe. On the basis of these criteria, VIRTUAL DEBIT CARD IS TOTALLY APT for this purpose.

Like Virtual debit card, there is virtual credit cards too which is also much more convenient that the regular credit cards. Virtual credit cards are also gaining wide attention worldwide as these too protect the customers from online theft and cybercrimes.

But in case of both of these cards, there are some limitations and these are

  • You need internet banking for this
  • The payment with your virtual cards can be done only online
  • It has limited validity
  • There is a fee that you need to pay to load amount into your virtual cards.

The limitations can be well accepted by people as majority of us remain hook to online but its advantages are way too many and this is the reason why these virtual cards in future have great chances to get boomed.

Where you can get a virtual debit card?

Astropay card is the most well-known virtual prepaid cards. You can easily avail these cards from the website of MorPay. Now, you can ask “Why should people will buy from MorPay instead of buying directly from the website of Astropay?”

The reason behind this question is that Astropay promotes other reseller websites to sell their virtual prepaid cards and among them Morpay is the most significant name for its amazing customer care services. It can help you to get AstroPay card really easily. AstroPay card is absolutely perfect for withdraws and making deposits. It accepts nearly all online websites around the world. Many users prefer this for its immense flexibility, spontaneity, security and confidentiality. The amazing feature of this card is that it is available in many currencies like GBP, INR, BRL, USD, THB, ARS etc. You just have to select the website where you want to make an online payment. Then, you need to select AstroPay card as your payment method. You then, need to enter AstroPay card information and instantly, you can receive your payment confirmation. That’s how easy it is.

How you can get your AstroPay card from Morpay?

Do you know registration is absolutely free at Morpay? You can at ease register either from your mobile App or from your computer or laptop. You then need to purchase your AstroPay card and for that you need to select the value and currency of your virtual card.