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During pregnancy, nutrients play an important role in strengthening and developing the fetus. The best lady gynecologist in Noida emphasis mothers to consume a healthy diet as all nutrients aid child growth in the mother’s womb. As per the child specialist, there are a few nutrients that stand out amid the lot. Some of these nutrients are- protein, calcium, and iron.

To know more about it, here is the detailed information about these nutrients.

Protein Nutrient

This nutrient is really eminent for the development of the child. The nutrient constructs the entire anatomy of the child and thus, the best lady gynecologist in Noida recommends consuming protein in high quantity. Inadequate delivery of protein obstructs the growth of the fetus, during the gestation period. Besides this, it also grows the chances that the child may develop high blood pressure after the birth.

Iron nutrient

During pregnancy, a mother requires more amount of iron for the body as well as for the fetus. The iron plays a key role in forming hemoglobin in the body. Herein, hemoglobin is also called an oxygen-carrying protein for RBC cells. In the gestation period, the demand for hemoglobin goes up in the body, mainly, during second and third pregnancy trimesters. If there is a deficiency of iron in the body then the mom tends to be fatigued easily and this, in turn, effects on the health of the baby.


Calcium, the nutrient is immensely important for the baby. It helps to develop the bones and muscles of the child. If the mother does not consume enough calcium, according to the body need, then it can lead to the decrement in the bone mass and increment in the risk of osteoporosis.

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) is one of the constituents of the calcium nutrient. The constituent is required for brain and eye development. Pregnant mothers should consume calcium in a vast amount to the body’s requirement.

Consume these nutrients regularly and take more suggestions from the best lady gynecologist in Noida.