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Tips on What to NOT to Scrimp on in Life...

Are you someone who is careful with their money? Do you save every month, search for bargains and scrimp of big buys where you can? This a a very sensible, admirable way to live your life, and it is something that many people struggle with. It does, however, mean that sometimes you can compromise your health and well being for the sake of a few extra pounds in the bank.

To help you maintain a healthy balance with your money, I’ve put together five simple things you should maybe consider spending that little bit extra…

1 - Your Gym Membership

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise is essential. It’s been clinically proven that if you pay for a gym membership, you are 60% more likely to work out regularly. So, signing up to the cheapest membership you can find may seem like the most sensible option in order to save some money while making sure you get in some exercise. This isn’t always the can, sadly. Will you really want to go to a busy, dingy, sweaty of a gym a few times a week? Probably not. By spending a little bit more money on a better gym means you will get one with much better facilities, classes and equipment. If the gym is clean and welcoming, you be far more likely to want to go, so it’s well worth the investment.

2 - Your Healthcare

As you get older, one thing you start to realise is that good health is really priceless. This means that taking care of your health by investing in a health care plan and signing up with a private dentist (I love my private Dentist in Warrington!) will pay for itself in the long run and will be worth it’s weight in gold for the peace of mind it can offer. Also, being in good health doesn’t just start and end with seeing a doctor or a dentist, and there also a number of holistic practices you can try to ensure you are healthy. Meditating, getting a good amount of sleep and keeping your stress levels in check are all good ways to improve your health..

3 - You Are What You Eat.

Scrimping on food may seem like the easiest way to save some money each week, but is it really worth it? You would be really surprised to see how simply upgrading the ingredients that you cook with will be immediately obvious in both the taste and nutritional value of the food you eat. Invest in healthier, fresher ingredients that may not be too kind you to wallet, but will be kind to your body, which is a lot more important. Plus, shopping locally and visiting your farmers markets actually often work out cheaper than supermarket choices, even if it does require a little added effort.