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There are many ways to remove glazing putty but whatever you use, you have to make sure to first follow steps that will ensure that you don’t break the glass of your windows. First, you have to clean the corners and make sure you’ve removed as much putty as you can before removing the glass. Second, you have to inspect the glass and watch out for glazing points. As for steam heat in removing glazing putty, yes, you can use steam heat. It’s actually clean and effective and protects you from inhaling gust as you work. Steam heat causes the glazing putty to soften and come off easier. You can build your own inexpensive steam box or just use a clothes steamer to get the job done. Using steam heat is also great because you’ll not just remove the glazing putty, you’ll also be able to remove the paint. If you want to just sit back and relax, you can also have Sash and Case Windows Direct get the job done. They are experts in fixing and repairing sash and case windows in Edinburgh and they can surely help make your windows look good as new.