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The title of this blog might seem a bit ambitious. Because there isn't and will never be an end-point security software so perfect that thwarts all security threats and safeguards every endpoint of your network. Because the security threat landscape is an ever-evolving one and certainly a 'one-size fits all' solution wouldn't work when it comes to end-point security.

But this doesn't mean good, if not perfect, end-point security solutions don't exist. They are usually ones that adopt the 'right approach' to keep security threats (and hackers) at bay. So, let's try understanding what this 'right approach' is.

But First Remember: Hackers Will Always Find A Way

What is considered secure technology today will not be so tomorrow. Hackers have always found ways to decipher complex systems, making them vulnerable to security attacks. So the best approach for end-point security solutions would be adopting the mindset that 'while they cannot win this battle against cyber-crime, they can certainly predict the cybercriminal's moves and plan ahead accordingly'.

Taking the Traditional Approach is Not Bad...

Over the years, the basic nature of the security attacks hasn't changed. Endpoints (be it a PC or Server) are usually attacked by rogue programs (.EXE) or Word Macros, which would either destroy the system, steal the data or take control of it, to meet the needs of the cyber-criminals. So an end-point security software capable of detecting, isolating and destroying such offending programs (or macros) will always be in demand.

Changing Times Call for Change in Technique

Taking the traditional route is good; as long as it's still useful and is updated regularly. There was a time when the internet was filled only with websites. But things have changed now. For example, blogging environments have gained reputation and have become full-blown with web application platforms. And therefore they are considered one of the latest targets for hackers, who have learned to penetrate the various plug-ins available for these blogs, and thereby eventually find their way into the user's network.

So, What is the 'Right Approach'?

The right approach lies in recognizing the fact that there's an entirely new set of threats out there that the traditional endpoint solutions have not been designed to detect; and that these new threats clearly require an additional, “next-gen” endpoint security solution in place to provide efficient endpoint security.