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The secrets of curiosity

Whenever we hire someone these days, I’m always curious to see how curious that person is.

Here are 6 reasons why:

It’s a miracle that curiosity survives formal education - Albert Einstein.

You become active, instead of remaining passive
These people ask questions and search for answers all the time. They know that they could be wrong about everything, and they know that the more they know, the more they realize the need to know.

Your mind is open to new ideas
Interested in ducks? Now you have to just learn everything you can about mallards, geese and other members of the duck family. It’s time for a wikipedia deep dive. You begin to see ducks everywhere.

You’ll meet new people
Because of your explorations into the topic, you’ll now begin to meet new people, learn about new websites and broaden your social circles virtually or in person.

Life stays exciting
Because you know there’s always something to learn and do, life will always be existing. From listening to someone talk, to just people watching. Everything makes you think and question what you learned before.

Curious people learn more
Because of everything above, curious people learn a lot more (not necessarily get better grades). They actually can learn as they need to, and don’t necessarily need to put together a lot of facts beforehand.

Creatives are curious
The best creative minds are curious people. Why? The way how ducks fly can actually bring insight into art, science and other endeavors. They take pieces of facts they’ve learned from previous learning and put them together into new ideas and projects.

I think, just like believing in a god, some people are born to be curious and others are not.

Which are you?