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The online store has just moved from one primary HTML website to a place where you get a completely personalized welcome message with your name. All credit goes to technology that now one can send a potato with customized message. As more and more people have begun to rely on webs, global online retail sales have enhanced to $ 3 trillion and by 2021 it is estimated to reach 5 trillion US dollars.

As a business enterprise owner, one must invest in few things:

  1. Chatbot integration
  2. Visual product customizer
  3. Content customization.

In this blog, we will see the importance of product configurator with an example and how to enhance the ROI?

Read on to see how product customization software works:

  1. Upselling the existing product
  2. Turn your end user to brand ambassadors
  3. Getting more engagement on product pages.

When one have integrated product configurator in store, it is easy to stay competitive in the market. Configurators open a large door to consumers to design products based on their choice.

Various modifiers come in configurator:

  • Text modifier: It enables the user to get the option to push the text on the product. Configurator should initiate to move and alter the text as per their likings,
  • Color modifier: It enables the user to change the merely multiple colors of the product. Rather, they can choose the color of each segment in product.
  • Fabric modifier: When it comes to the use of leather products or fashion products, each dress has a different tone and style. Product design software serves as the style assistant customer in product selection, making it easy to try different variety of content patterns and colors. Customer will be aware of the product looks.

Merits of eCommerce product configurator:

1. Decreased bounce rate:
Store owners / eCommerce marketers have to put lot efforts to engage online visitors to the website. This is the reason that when we are seeing high bounce rates in ecommerce stores than non-ecommerce sites.

2. Understand the customer:
When one will enable the customer to create the product as per their personal liking, one can get the hands on experience to understand the choice. Customization software works as a feedback to see the customer needs. This helps in designing new products and plan products accordingly.

3. Net promoter score:
An important factor in building a loyal and prosperous fan base is to provide an outstanding customer experience; it initiates with online eStore.

With the help of online configurator, one can offer great shopping experience of customers. There is great chance of sharing the creativity on social media account, if they have invested time in design.

4. Opportunity to upsell:
We all understand the selling to existing customer has higher possibility rather than convincing the new client. Same is about upselling. Being a business owner, you own more opportunities to get bucks from customer by initiating them in customization option.

Summing up:
This blog has given proper understanding about product design software and you can offer customization options to customer in best possible way. It’s high time to look for product customization software which helps in availing seamless personalization option and enhance the goodwill in the market.

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