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The One Guarantee...


Hey everyone,

Brandon here today… I’m giving Ericson a break today.

After a long trip up to New England, I am finally back in action. I had to take a journey up there for my sisters baby shower to help out with some things.

I ate a ton of food (too much) to the point that I’m feeling extremely overweight the last couple of days. I’m not writing you today to bitch and moan about things though.

Instead, I want to talk about life and living right. I know this may come as a shocker, but in case you didn’t know, there’s only one guarantee in life… Unfortunately, that’s dying.

I know I sound like a debbie downer and I’ve probably put you in a shitty mood but there’s a reason I’m writing about this today. The last day I was home, a friend of mine had passed away. It was preventable so long as he kept himself on the right path and got help he needed. This guy was no slouch. The guy was very well-educated and smart as hell. So smart that Google hired him to fight a lawsuit with a team of other big wig lawyers straight out of college.

Anyway, my point is that we are all going to die eventually and the question you need to ask yourself is…

“What do I want to do before my time here is over?”

If you have desires and dreams that you want to achieve, take positive action and work for them.

If you have things you want to do before your time is up, do them.

If you have struggles and issues that you need help with in order to achieve those goals, then ask for help. That goes for mental and physical help.

Just do me a favor and think if today was your last day, what would you want to do the next 24 hours?

If you can answer that quickly, then just friggin’ do it!

Take time to reflect on your life today and think how you can kickass for another 24 hours to get closer to health, wealth, and happiness.

Be great everyone!