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That's how the world of the casino has changed

More and more people use virtual casinos to pass the time or even gain a little extra money. In the age of the Internet, this form of entertainment is available to everyone. Best casino games are elaborately animated on the net and great introductory offers, such as casino bonus for new players or free spins to sniff invite you to try the luck. It was different 20 years ago. Casinos were found in hotels or as their impressive entertainment establishments only in large cities and reserved for the upper ten thousand. The reason was accessed rules such as classy evening wear and certain minimum wagers. Also, the gastronomic offer had its price and had to be used in many houses to gain entrance.

The very first casino opened in Venice in 1638 named "Casinò di Venezia" . Similar to today's casinos, it also offered gambling and entertainment. The visitors could enjoy good food, dance, all sorts of performances and, of course, the game. This "little house" (Italian: "Casino") spoke fast in the city, which was also one of the largest European commercial centers in those days. Nevertheless, it took more than a hundred years for the first casino to open on German soil: 1750 in Baden-Baden. It is incredible that many casino games have remained almost the same until today. At that time you were already playing card games and a kind of roulette, even what you know today as slots, was then previously understood in a similar form.

Devised, forbidden, on the net

If you summarized the history of the casino in three terms, it would probably be called as the headline. With the immigrants, gambling also came to the US, but the strict customs of the Pilgrim Fathers made for a ban. Gaming was also banned in Europe again and again. It created illegal casinos, which are probably instrumental in the fact that the game of casino bonus and free games still attached to a touch of adventure.

Gambling in Nevada has only been allowed since 1931, with Las Vegas becoming THE gambling city par excellence. Other states followed, and European countries decided not to legalize gambling entirely, but at least to tolerate it under certain conditions.

Infographic: Which Countries Banned Gambling and Which Didn’t

In spite of everything, the passion for the game and some of the best casino games were indeed developed in the time of the gambling ban, such as blackjack. If the policeman came, the money disappeared from the table, and the group played the simple and allowed card game 17 and 4. Performing is like a man, and so it is no wonder that casinos have also made their way into the entertainment world of the Internet. Finally, anyone who wants to experience a "gambling atmosphere" can do so with just a few clicks from home. Many providers offer a casino bonus for new members or even after a specific playing time, free games are provided to get to know each other or can be a win. Best casino games are a now allowed and more and more used leisure pleasure of fans from all over the world. And when luck smiles and you win, it's even more fun.