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Know What Salesforce Does

Salesforce was initially built and promoted as CRM application. It was intended to enable organizations to streamline and deal with their sales operations, and to engage their sales team. It's currently the fourth biggest programming organization.

In this article, we shall discuss about interesting things that salesforce is capable of doing.

  • Campaign Tracking- Salesforce has the out of box feature to support and track marketing campaigns. This allows you to monitor campaigns and keep a track record of leads and their generation source.
  • Capturing Leads- With the help of Salesforce, any lead generation can be captured automatically without any manual data entry from sales representatives.
  • Assigning Leads - Salesforce gives you a chance to set up strong assignment rules with the goal that new leads are automatically conveyed to your sales representatives depending on the logic that you developed.
  • Lead Nurturing- There is certain lead whose probability of turning into a valuable customer is quite low. Salesforce enables you to stay in contact with these cold leads automatically through lead nurturing rules.
  • Working Opportunities - Once you understand a lead has some potential and you can convert it into an opportunity, Salesforce gives you several tools to execute on your business procedure/cycle and take a deal from initial stage to finalization.
  • Generating Quotes & Proposals – Salesforce allows you to generate quotes and proposals from the data stored in Salesforce as per the requirement, specification and discounts with a click of a button.
  • Reporting – The moment you start working on Salesforce, your organization will start producing heaps of valuable information which can be presented to top management enabling them to take business and strategic decisions.
  • Custom Apps - One of the most essential and valuable highlights of Salesforce is the ability to develop custom apps. Many a time it becomes difficult to comply with the requirements of clients by using the out of box feature of Salesforce. In that particular case, it becomes essential to develop custom apps for those clients. Those custom apps work in close collaboration with Salesforce.


Salesforce is a powerful and intelligent application which covers all aspects of CRM and enables users to work from scratch to finish without involving any manual data entry jobs. Salesforce captures and manages humongous data to make a sense out of it so that a strategic decision can be made based on facts and figures.