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Re-install AOL Gold

If someone asks you to re-install your AOL Gold software then what is the first thought which crosses your mind? The only thing which strikes our thought process is what is the need of re-installing it? Without making any assumptions about the reasons you must download AOL Desktop Gold for windows 10 instantly and begin the process of installation. This re-installation is required when your software is misbehaving or is corrupt or is confronting some technical and performance glitches.

How to re-install AOL Gold?

Before reinstalling the software it must be removed completely from the background. Quick and simple steps by following which you can uninstall and then re-install AOL Gold software is discussed below:

Uninstall AOL Gold

  • Tap on Start from the desktop and search for Control Panel
  • Now look for ‘Add or Remove program’ or ‘Uninstall a program
  • A window with the list of installed programs will open
  • Locate AOL Gold and then select to uninstall it
  • You have the choice to remove or keep the personal data
  • Then the un-installation wizard will run for short while once it is finished then restart the computer to complete the process

Re-install AOL Gold

  • Open the official website of AOL Gold
  • Then download the latest available version of this software and check the compatibility with your system
  • The downloaded will file be automatically save in ‘Download folder ‘if you have not altered the path to save it
  • Right click on the .exe file of AOL Gold and select ‘Run as Administrator’ from the window that appears
  • Accept the permission of the prompt that appears saying ‘Do you want this software to make changes to your system
  • And follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation
  • Once the installation is completed successfully you need to enter your username and password and now you are ready to enjoy its breathtaking features and\ services

You must complete all the steps properly to get download AOL Desktop Gold Subscription so as eliminate any conflicts or errors in the near future. You can always avail the help of a certified technician to get rid of your concerns and queries regarding AOL gold. Their service is available at all time without time and location constraints around the globe.

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