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Points to Consider Before Buying the Right Kitchen Chimney Size

Kitchen chimneys have slowly evolved into one of the absolute essentials of the modern kitchen. They not only clean the surroundings of the kitchen but also keep your family protected from the harmful effects of the noxious fumes and the pungent odor that fills the home while cooking. Kitchen chimneys are genuinely a boon for the human race. Nowadays, kitchen chimneys are provided with the superior quality suction system, baffle filters, auto-clean technology, and sleek and elegant designs. The chimneys are also supplied with an internal lighting system made of LED lights or halogen lights along with susceptible touch panel system.

Indian kitchens require chimneys with extremely high suctioning capacity as there is a lot of oil and spices involved with Indian cooking. Moreover, the kitchens in India are pretty small and hence, require chimneys within 2-3 ft. of length. All chimneys in India should be built in with a cup system for collecting oil and a foolproof auto-cleaning system. The chimneys should be hence, bought after a lot of deliberation and consideration. No chimney should be purchased at the heat of the moment as it can turn out be a considerable wastage of money. Indian chimneys are moderately priced, and hence, the expense does not play a huge factor in choosing the right chimney.

Choosing the right kitchen chimney size is very important to ensure proper cooling and suctioning system. Here, we have provided you with several points to be considered while choosing the right size of the chimney for yourself. There are several kitchen chimney size selectors also available on the internet, which can help you to take the correct decision.

The standard kitchen chimney size is 60 cm x 90 cm. This has been made standard according to the typical Indian kitchen size. One can easily buy a chimney of this size without further discussion. However, if you insist on buying the perfect chimney you must take care of the following points.

- The size of the kitchen chimney must always be slightly larger than the hob or stove size. It is the first rule of chimney size selection. This helps the chimney to absorb all the fumes and dust and odor from the stove. The stoves with 2-4 burners usually measure approximately 60 cm while a furnace with 3-5 burners typically weighs around 90 cm.

- Somehow if the chimney size is smaller, the stove/ hob size, a lot of complications might arise. The most significant difficulty is the escape of the fumes and dust particles into the kitchen and causes unwanted stickiness on the kitchen appliances.

Choosing the perfect kitchen chimney size is just one part of the process. Several guidelines need to be considered while selecting the ideal chimney for your kitchen. The chimney must have good quality filters, and the suction capacity of the chimney should be quite superior. The chimney must have a Baffle filter if the kitchen chimney has to be bought for an Indian kitchen. The other types of filters are carbon filters and cassette filters. The design of the chimney should also be considered as there are two types of chimney designs: conventional and contemporary.

The modular kitchen typically use the modern design of chimneys while the traditional kitchens use conventional chimneys. The brand of the kitchen chimney does not make that much of a difference because almost all leading chimney companies produce high-quality chimneys with superior performance.

We hope that this article was of great help to you and now, you are better informed to take the correct decision and buy the perfect chimney for your kitchen.