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Planning is the first step. It’s t this phase when designing happens, and you get to talk with your architect regarding your space, budget, design goals, permits, etc. in this stage, you also decide whether you’ll hire the services of professionals to help you with your renovation. The first parts of the house that will be checked are: the roof, water pipes, foundation, and windows. These parts must be repaired and made secure so they won’t impede the renovation process. The next step is the demolition process which means all the parts and areas that need to be replaced will be demolished and all the waste will be disposed. Afterwards, you’ll have to work on building the walls, windows, and installing doors, etc. Then you’ll work on the plumbing and the electrical wiring. Insulation, windows, painting, flooring, gutters and siding are the next steps that are needed to finalize your renovation. Home renovation is a detailed step-by-step process and doing the steps and procedures in order is essential in achieving the results you want for your home. You need the help of specialist building services in London as you go through and accomplish each step.