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Over the past few years, we have seen that there is a boom of mass customization in the fashion industry. The apparel and fashion markets have long tried to incorporate mass customization projects. These markets understand that every customer is different from others and have unique style tastes and sizes and have tried to serve them. Every individual is unique and derives high satisfaction from products that fit them well. By integrating fashion design software to website or online store, retailers are looking to offer the mass-customized products.

If we look back to an era where everything was couture, we can see how the fashion industry has developed over the years. Originally, all clothing used to be made individually for a specific individual. With the revolution in the technologies, cheap mass manufactured products with limited choice in sizes and colors began to take over the fashion industry. Subsequently, manufacturers emerged with strong percent in premiums over others.

These high-profit margins have let new organizations to enter the industry to deliver innovative and value products to customers. The couture business has continued to exist, delivering to ultra-high net worth people. Many organizations are now trying to bring back the uniqueness and perfect fit of couture by integrating the use of mass customization and digital manufacturing for fashion.

Nike iD and Puma Mongolian Shoe BBQ are trending the sneaker industry for a very long time. These brands were a few of the first to start a mass customization to serve end-users with the relatively affordable fashion products and accessories. In the 90’s, Levi’s comes with a customized jeans that was a huge revolution in the fashion industry. Brands like Indochino and SuitSupply have been allowing their customers to customize their suits. Moreover, Spreadshirt facilitates its customers to add a personal touch to their t-shirts or personalize someone else’s creations. Hoet, Materialise, Skelmet, and many other brands offer mass customized glasses. ISlide offers mass customization for slippers whereas Aetrex does the same for shoes.

With the development of the latest technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning, enterprises like Google have been trying to enter the game with data-driven fashion. Algorithmic mass personalization where data can be collected from social media platforms, smartphones or IoT devices to boost mass customization is going to be a huge trend in the coming time.

The current mass customization allows users to design their product from the absolutely scratch or just add logos or letters to existing design for personalize touch. The readily available apparel design software makes it easy for many online retailers to get into the game of mass customization. There are several manufacturers who let their customers to design their clothing, footwear and other fashion accessories from scratch; including features like styles, color, logo, letter, clip art and much more.

By combining mass customization with intelligent software, manufacturing organizations can utilize major fashion trends. With the development of 3D customization and printing tools, manufacturers can come up with quick and limited edition products to meet customers’ expectations. Many retailers are exploring mass customization by manufacturing on-demand products with the incorporation of clothing design software to deliver unique products that fit perfectly for a person.

If implemented correctly, mass customization can facilitate businesses to take benefits of the spread premium. Manufacturers can design the perfect shape for the right person according to individual tastes, body shapes or other factors.

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