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One thing that I feel obligated to talk about is “skirting the system.” Over the last few hot summer months, I’ve had conversations with people “stuck in a rut” or “frustrated” about the progress being made in various aspects of life.

Some people struggle with Internet business, offline business, client acquisition, and other entrepreneurial related areas. Others struggle with health and wellness issues such as losing weight, getting lean, eating clean. Many struggle with family related issues such as finding a new job to support the family or becoming mentally healthier.

You will hear majority of the successful individuals say this one thing and I agree 100%….

You MUST respect the process.  

If you’re struggling to build a business online or acquire more customers, you can’t force it. If you’re trying to get lean, you can force it. Do not try and half-ass things or skirt the system.

The truth is that there is no magic formula.

It’s simply about doing the right things consistently and doing whatever it takes to succeed.

I work late at night while I’m watching my shows OnDemand or sporting events (season permitting). I work in the early am while I’m drinking my coffee. I wake up in the middle of the night just to make sure everything is still runnning smoothly.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you can’t starve yourself for a week in hopes of getting lean and burning fat. That is completely ridiculous! You need to follow the diet and workout plan exactly as suggested. Only make tweaks if necessary and work your butt off in the gym.

The same goes for your Internet business, offline business or improving your overall life in general. It’s not impossible to make a lot of progress in all areas.

Guess what, it’s very possible to achieve most things that you set out to accomplish!


You best respect the process and focus on the small daily wins if you want to get there. The journey and process truly do matter.
It’s Tuesday, you still have the whole week ahead of you to do something about it. Go get it done!

If you need a little bit of extra motivation with your health and fitness journey, I recommend following MrOJayCutler on Snapchat. I also recommend following @marcmegna on Instagram.

If you need some motivation in business and entrepreneurship in general feel free to reach out us personally. You can also follow motivational speakers such as
Gary Vaynerchuk on Facebook.

Go make the best of your day and work your way through the process!