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One of the largest social media platforms is Instagram with an excess of 800 million users logging in daily. The amount of attention on Instagram is huge, and tapping into that via advertisements is a no-brainer.

However, to get the most use out of Instagram ads you must know the hacks that can set you apart from the competition. In this article we will show you how the efficiency of your Instagram ad campaign can be increased by implementing a few simple steps.

1. Ensure brand consistency is maintained

When marketing on Instagram it has to be an extension of the marketing you’ve done elsewhere. This is to ensure that your brand on Instagram will get recognized by followers that have noticed your brand elsewhere.

The elements that should remain the same include the title of the ads, the pictures and the theme of the marketing must be maintained. Ensuring that the same marketing message is delivered means there is consistency. Consistency allows you to capitalize on the number of different marketing campaigns you’ve already run elsewhere.

Jens Collins CEO of Rushmyessay UK insists: “Brand image can also be maintained by educating the different employees of your business. You need to give everyone a set of instructions regarding how they should portray your brand out there.”

2. Hashtags can make all the difference

The hashtags you use will determine the different categories your post will be linked to. For example, if your post is about weight loss then your hashtags should have keywords based on weight loss, low fat recipes and so on.

One way of determining popular hashtags is to see what competitors are using. The popular brands would have already done the research on the hashtags everyone is searching for. Therefore, you can take advantage of their research by taking a look at what they are using.

Also you can do a search for the top hashtags in each industry. The search function gives you an opportunity to get all the hashtags without investing a lot of time. However, you must limit the number of hashtags used. About 11 per ad is a good number, and if you use more you run the risk of spamming.

You can also use a branded hashtag that is unique to your brand. This ensures that followers can search all of your posts instantly by using this single hashtag. It allows for further content to be discovered from your brand, and also establishes you on the Instagram platform.

3. Set your audience

To improve the ROI of your Instagram ad campaign setting the correct audience is of vital importance. This starts by figuring out what the demographics of your customer base is like. Are they of a particular age, gender and income bracket? The more you know the better the targeting of your campaign will be.

You can filter the ads based on basic characteristics like age and location. However, you should also make use of the “detailed targeting” feature. This enables you to filter the target by things like the events they have attended or their travel intentions.

You need to test via trial and error to see what works best. Don’t be scared to explore as otherwise you are restricting yourself from achieving a high ROI. Experimenting with the targeting of your audience should be an ongoing process. However, every dollar spent must have the highest possible ROI and increasing the quality of the targeting allows you to do that.

4. Tell a story

A visual story is what Instagram followers love to see. You need to come up with a story that has an emotional hook. Going back to the weight loss example, if there is aperson that overcame great odds to lose a lot of weight, thenpeople can identify with that.

If a person is engaged with the story then they might be more willing to buy from you, or follow you. The story might convince them emotionally that they need to solve their problem, and that it can actually be done. This is especially true if you feature an individual that has overcome the same problem as many people in your industry are facing.

Stories that people can relate to are the best, but they should also be realistic. Do not use stories that seem so difficult to comprehend that it’s unrealistic to happen for the average person.

5. Spy on competitors

The best performing ads in any industry are the ones that stick around for the long term. After all, if a particular ad is running it must be generating revenue, otherwise it cannot be sustained. However, do not copy the ads in your industry. Instead use what you see as a basis for inspiration and come up with your own version.

The biggest brands in your industry might have already spent years on trial and error figuring out what works. Leveraging that experience and knowledge can give you a big edge when starting out with Instagram marketing.

6. Clear call to action

It would be a shame if an ad caught the attention of the Instagram community because it was cool, but the conversion rate was low due to a poor call to action. For every ad there must be a clear instruction of what you want the user to do.

For instance, this might be to sign up to your Instagram community, take a look at a new product range on your website, or perhaps sign up for an email newsletter.

The call to action should leap out so that the viewer could not miss it. It has to be catchy and to the point. For instance, “Click here to learn more about this offer”, or “sign up for a free trial today”. These are simple yet effective CTA’s that people can follow.


After having implemented all of the steps above you should have a big advantage in your Instagrammarketingcampaign over competitors. These hacks can save you a lot of time and money, because less testing is needed to achieve a positive ROI.

Understand that Instagram is a unique social media channel that requires a unique approach. You cannot use the same marketing tactics here that you have been using elsewhere. Instead try to cater to the desires of the Instagram community and you’ll have more levels of successes than you thought possible.

Instagram represents a great opportunity for businesses because of the relatively low cost of advertising. It’s one of the best places online to achieve a high ROI on your marketing campaign.