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New Delhi is the capital city of India that falls on the list of metro cities going through a remarkable transformation for the last few decades. The city is one of the most populous settlements in the world and is continuously growing to home the increasing population over the years. The main city is extremely congested due to heavy settlements and escalation of job opportunities. Over the years, the job opportunities have increased as the number of industrial hubs has remarkably increased. Truth be told, a plethora of diverse professionals comes to this city every year in search of a career and settle down later.

On the other hand, the price hike of land and real estate properties in this city also drove the home seeking population towards the suburbs creating new housing settlements to solve the problem. The government, on the other hand, is drawing a marvelous plan to make the new suburbs and locations in the perimeter of this city a smarter metropolitan settlement by developing elegant transportations and connectivity mediums. This is why the major developments of this city are currently being witnessed in the outskirts where the leading real estate brands are casting their magic. The real estate hub has been shifted from the main city locations to the exterior sites in Noida. Noida is the prime choice of residential development as the majority of the industries are located here. The working class will find it extremely easy to commute to their workplaces when they choose a home to live in Noida. Here are some of the latest happenings and trends in Noida in terms of the real estate industry to watch out for.

An overview of the real estate industry in Noida

  • Delhi Metro Railway’s new line ‘Magenta’
  • Digitalization of the process
  • Best real estate brands
  • Encroachment and illegal land acquisition

The most important lifeline for commute for the residents in Delhi is the metro railway service. Without this service, the entire city will come to a halt as the public transportation system is not that efficient. This is the reason why the residents of Delhi own a vehicle. The new extension of the metro service that will connect Noida with the rest of the city is all set. This new metro line will become a part and parcel of the daily life of every hard working professional in the city. It will be easier to commute without wasting time on traffic. Despite the wider roadways, the easiest commute will surely benefit the future residents of Noida.

As per the estimations and proven tests, the metro railway authority has proudly said that the time take to commute between two destinations that are Noida and South Delhi will reduce from an hour to mere 16 minutes only. This new ‘Magenta’ line will also connect the international and domestic airports in Gurgaon and the railway stations. A residential property in Noida will be the best deal for a family to invest and make a good move to secure its future here.

The government has managed to make the possession of the real estate properties in Noida digitalized so that it can become a relentless service for the aspiring home seekers. A year back, CM Yogi Adityanath proposed a considerable change in the system due to which more than 50,000 home buyers will be able to possess their properties in no time. The digital records will also make the process extremely transparent and hence, the malpractices will be stopped.

Due to this encouragement from the government, the real estate segment has become more organized and transparent. No real estate brand can seek a price higher than the fixated level. In fact, the price of the properties in Noida real estate has reduced. This is the right time to invest in such properties so that the homeowners or investors can enjoy a great ROI in the near future.

Noida is known for its elegant real estate brands and their landmark projects. The majority of the high income group is waiting for the landmark projects to complete. These brands include Godrej properties, Galaxy Group, Shri Group, Samridhi Realty, Mahagun India, etc. This new extension of the city is clad with top class premium apartments to affordable housing plans from the brands mentioned above.

The real estate development in this part of the city is taking place at a remarkable rate that many other cities cannot keep up with. Delhi is in dire need of ample residential projects to support the rising the demand for residential properties. These properties are available comparatively at a rate lower than that of the main city. The quality of the projects delivered by these brands and the sprawling locations make Noida a great platform to invest.

The biggest threats of this industry, which are illegal land acquisition and encroachment from the real estate mafias, are now under control due to the transparency of the entire process. The intimidating move from the government is now controlling the deals of the real estate properties and has managed to bring down the price of ready to move property in Noida.

Wrapping up

Noida and Greater Noida Extension are the ideal places to buy a house. The efficient network of roadways along with the brilliant public transportation system will be the prime features to consider for the new home seekers. The real estate company Noida is also taking a new step and developing the best residential projects close to the industry hubs in this part of the NCR so that the time to commute for the residents reduces to a minimum.

Noida will have the infrastructure way better than the main city areas of Delhi. The new plans of smart city ventures will offer elegant civic amenities for the residents to enjoy the metropolitan lifestyle in a better way. Investing in the new real estate properties will also provide a steady monthly income as the demand for rent property in Noida will increase considerably over the years. Follow the trends and choose your properties wisely for a better investment.