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Money is the root of all... Good?

Money. Those who don’t have it want it and those who have it want more.

Some of those who have it – say it does not define them and a disturbingly large number of those who don’t have it say its destroying everything, ie: “the root of all evil”.

The fact is, money does a whole lot of good. If you have money, you feel better. You’re happier. Your family and friends are happier because of your largesse.

In fact, you (generally) make the world a better place by earning more money.

So why are we taught that money is bad?

From school, we’re told never to sell anything on the premises. Society tells us to suck it in and just get a job. Adult fun and play is looked upon as wasteful. And we all have our cousin, you know him – lets call him “Rob” that never seems to have a job, is always asking you for money so he can go have fun with. Yeah, we hate Rob.

There is a lot we can do without money.

There is also a lot we need money for.

Money is nothing more than a tool. You do something with it. At its root, you use it to make yourself or your family comfortable and relaxed. Even happy, in some cases.

Yes. Money is the root of all good.

When I started business, I started it because I wanted to make money. I also wanted an adventure while making it. With varying degrees of success and failure I have a lot to say about making and losing money.

Do you want to make more money?

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