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Mistakes to Avoid with your Promotional Brochure

In this day of the internet, a well-designed brochure is absolutely vital to help you sell more products and services or turn an already interested customer into a buyer. However, too often, the retailers overdo simple things and ruin the whole purpose of a promotional brochure. The most important goal of a brochure is to provide product-specific information and all design and illustration should point towards it.

There are some common pitfalls you need to avoid to get the most out of your promotional brochure.

Including too many details

Too much information is useless to your goal and honestly, most people are not interested in to know too much about your product or service. The most important details you need to include your product or service is the price and benefits. Shoppers, these days already know the features of the products they are looking for but may not know the benefits they will get. Unique benefits are the selling points and your focus should be on highlighting them in your promotional brochure. Benefits always go with an emotional tilt, which means it is most likely to inspire action. When you keep the brochure brief and simple, while tapping on the emotional benefit your product offers, you will be amazed at how positively the customers will respond.

Not having clear call-to-action

This may sound simple, but I am surprised how often a call to action is not included in the promotional brochure. Call-to-action puts value on the brochure, but, most importantly it encourages the customer to do something with it, like call for more information, go to your website, follow us on social media, sign up for exclusive offers or discounts.You should include every possible way for them to get in touch with you, your website, phone number, email address and your physical address. Also one of the newest tools available these days is the use of a QR code. A QR code can be scanned by a smartphone to take the customer to your home page or to a web video. Another important thing here to keep in mind is that even if you have the best brochure, it’s of no use if not displayed properly. So using acrylic brochure stands is the way to go to maximise the visibility.

Using low-resolution images

You should never, ever, print a brochure using low-resolution images as using poor graphics will make your brand seem cheap. If you are going to have a promotional brochure that will elicit a positive reaction, you need to pay utmost attention to the quality of the printing material, images and graphics. In addition to this, the colours that you choose also have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your promotional brochure. However, the colour theme you choose should rhyme with your brands colour as it will make it more memorable for customers even after they leave the store.

Lacking presentation of the brochure

As said above, having the best brochure is of no use, if it’s not strategically placed. You can use the acrylic holder for brochure for that and place them at high traffic areas of your business. However, the type of brochure holder that you choose depends on the type of retail business you operate. The brochure holders can also be customised to include your brand logo or the colour of your brand. This enhances your brand identity and consistency.

These are some of the common mistakes you need to avoid and if you find it difficult to choose the right brochure holders for your business needs, then you can connect with the experts at Advertising Industries.