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Knee replacement is also called knee arthroplasty. This is an operative procedure, which is directed at replacing the knee joints to do away with disability and relieve pain. A knee replacement surgery is meant for the patients suffering from osteoarthritis, although it may also be performed on patients suffering from certain other medical problems, such as psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. This surgery can be more complicated in those patents where trauma from advanced rheumatoid arthritis has led to severe deformity. This surgery can carry more risks and can be complicated. Patients suffering from Osteoporosis need not go for knee replacement surgery because this condition does not cause inflammation, deformity or knee pain. In either case, you will need the best knee replacement surgeon Delhi.

Debilitating pain in knee can be a cause of other problems as well. These include ligament tears, cartilage defects and meniscus tears. The pain can be more common in elderly. Before going for a surgery, it is best that you talk to your surgeon and understand your risks, successes and failures.

The best knee replacement surgeon Delhi will tell you about the entire process. Usually, the surgery is performed as either partial one or a complete knee replacement surgery. During your surgery, the damaged or diseased joint portions are replaced with plastic or metal components and given the right shape so that your motion becomes smoother.

The post-operative pain and physical rehabilitation is what will follow after your knee replacement surgery. Your recovery may be around six weeks. Dr. Gurdeep Singh is one of the best knee replacement surgeon Delhi and can suggest you your best bet on the surgery. With an appointment, you can talk to the doctor and let loose your fears and apprehensions regarding your surgery.