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It's Too Late


Happy Friday,
Brandon here, on this perfect day in sunny Miami, FL. I wanted to express my thoughts on something that’s really been bothering me lately…

I’ve spent years working my tail off to make things happen from an entreprenurial perspective. Some things failed miserably, while others turned out to do okay. Things certainly have happened for me and I’m grateful for all of it.

The one thing that bothers me is hearing some people tell me that, “It’s too late” for the them to succeed or do something on their own.

Okay, this doesn’t just bother me, it really pisses me off and it only does because…it’s never too late. Let me share a couple of examples with you.

Example #1: I have a friend who’s grandfather retired after working many years in manufacturing close to the Canadian border. He literally spent his entire life working for someone else. He helped them build and create new product features. He assisted in the process to launch brand new products that made many shareholders lots of money.

After retiring he decided to pick up a hobby. That hobby was to create things and patent them. He ended up owning patents that he sold for over $10,000,000. He’s now close to 80 years old and enjoys every day that he wakes up. Keep in mind that it’s only been about ten years that he has been “rich” or very financially stable.

Example #2: My uncle has been making a living as an artist for over 50 years. He quite his suit and tie job in his early 20s and hasn’t done anything other than create original artwork to this day. He grinds his heart out and works on building his online art business on a daily basis. Did I mention that he’s almost 70 and still puts in 12 hours a day?

The point is that it’s never too late to do something. It doesn’t matter if you only put 5 minutes into it per day. The important thing is that you actually get off your butt and do something…TODAY!

Make this Friday count.