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It is no hidden secret that utilizing product configurators to offer the product customization services at the ecommerce store is one of the best options to improve the conversion rates. If you are also considering integrating or updating a product configurator to your online store, you might be looking to understand about the options available in the market and how you can implement this feature. Donald Rattner said, “Product configurators take several forms, every single form is being designed to meet the product customization as well as the graphic identity of the website on which it resides.”

Generally, product configurator software can be segregated into 3 different categories as follows:

Build Product Configuration Tool Yourself
If you have a team of expert developers and they have time, you can ask them to develop configurator and/or your project to meet your very specific requirements. However, if you develop your product customization tool with your team, you will have to spend a lot of internal development efforts and time for the project. Even after developing software, you need to spend time and resources to fix the bugs. Developing, testing, fixing, and again testing might take months or in some cases, it might take more than a year. The major advantage of this type of product configurator is that your team can customize your configurator according to your business requirements and goals.

Hire a Service Provider to Develop Custom Configurator Tool
This is another most effective way to get a product configuration tool integrated with your website. This is a perfect option if you are looking to outsource the resource to buy or build the tool. Also, this will save a lot of internal development efforts, time and resources to building your own configurator; you just need to pay money. The cost of custom product configurator development varies according to your requirements; however, on an average you will get an effective product configurator for $300K (or $1 million if you are looking to build the Nike configurator). Tailor development of the product configurator takes a significant amount of preparation and coordination to start the project with developers.

This will save your time and efforts and you can launch the feature to your website faster as compared to building it yourself. Even in this case, you will get an option of the fully customized tool as per your requirements to meet your business goals. There are various service providers who offer the best configurator for the website. The iDesigniBuy is one of the leading custom software providers; you can contact them to gain more understanding about their product and services.

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Integrating a SaaS Configurator
If you are seeking for the most cost-effective product configurators to meet your business growing requirements, a SaaS configurator is an ultimate way to go. The SaaS model also enables you to keep improving your tool on a continuous interval, so that you can scale to fulfill your business requirements. With this, the internal development cost and time will get reduced and allows you to focus on other crucial aspect to expand and grow your business. While integrating a SaaS model to your website, ensure that it comes with the ability to be modified or updated to meet your growing business needs without losing its basic features and impacting your site. The ability and scalability to handle your product inventory your way are also important features which need to be considered in the tool you choose. A SaaS model can be the best choice depending on your requirements, specified that product customization software is gaining the popularity among people and there are numerous advanced solutions available to pick from.

Integrating a product configurator to offer customization services on your website is a quality investment because personalizing products are the present and the future of the ecommerce business. Businesses as well as consumers are seeking for custom products, which leads to the demand of the improved customize tool. With the advanced technology, you will find the most impactful tool that will help you to meet your business needs. To ensure that you select an ultimate option for your organization is not one to be taken lightly.

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