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I was speaking to a guy yesterday online. He wanted to make some more money in his field: Auto Electrical repair technician.

A few weeks ago one of the power windows in my car stopped working, so I had to go see an auto electical repair person to get it fixed. It involved taking time off from the office and returning to the repair place twice that day before it got fixed.

What if someone could just show up at my home or office and fix it right then and there?? I could be working inside while the guy is fixing my window outside. Cool, right?

(Don’t worry, the “really” part is coming)

So immediately my idea gear kicked in and I put forward that idea. We worked out how much he could charge, and we compared having one call like this a day, versus a full-time job. It worked out that he could make more with just one appointment per day, than a full-time job.

The “Really” part is when he told me (in not so many words) that the full time job was more secure.


I asked him why not do his own thing part time, and he could also do a day job. In no time he would be making more money than his day job. Right?

My “Really” is that so many of us want a ton of stuff out of life. But we don’t want to work for it.

It’s easier to watch TV. Youtube. Facebook. Instagram. Be on social media. Watch the news. Gossip with our friends. Have some beers with the guys. And then bitch and moan about not getting paid enough.