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I can tell you, it’s not like how a gasoline engine works. Whereas gasoline needs to pass through the carburetor to mix with air before entering the engine’s cylinders, diesel does not. In diesel engines, diesel is injected directly into the cylinder and is distributed throughout the system as a fine mist. Some engines have additional components like induction valves and pre-combustion chambers to swirl the air inside the combustion chamber and facilitate better ignition. It is crucial for the diesel engine’s injector system to be capable of withstanding the high temperature and pressure inside the cylinder. When they fail, the engine won’t start, and you’ll most likely need to take the vehicle in for service. The engine will need someone who specializes in the repair of diesel injectors, as it is one of its most complex components. I had this happen to me with an older car that I used to drive, and I have to tell you, repairs did not come cheap.