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How to start a free website in 15 minutes

Starting a website could not be easier (and lower cost) than ever before.

But most of us think it needs a ton of time, money and energy. Things in short supply in our busy lives. However it turns out that unless you have an ecommerce store, creating a blog is better for most kinds of content.

Yes. The most important part is getting out the word and making a name for yourself.

What should I write about?
This could be an idea. A topic. Or actual products or services. Pick a narrow niche and stick to it. Don’t go all over the place. For example in this newsletter, we like to write about improving ourselves. Let me repeat again: “have something to sell” - no matter what it is, package it up, price it out (could be free) and make it available.

How can I get people interested?
Think of short 500 word pieces that you can write. Make them insanely practical - so people can actually take what you wrote and go apply it right away. Use your real name - so you build authority. If you’re using an alias, stick to the alias so people remember you and google you by it.

How often should I write?
Commit to writing something every day. Can’t write every day? We say you should write at least twice a week then. Anything less and your audience are gonna tune you out. Think about it - the sites you go to most are the ones that are updated most often. Right?

Where do I get a free blog/website?
Go to, or or Start a free site.

Should I get a custom domain name?
Not yet. Instead use something like “” or “”. Then once you see yourslef starting to build something great, go ahead, splurge and spend the $10 per year on a custom domain name.

What about Wix, Weebly and other “website builders”?
My recommendation is to not use them at this time. They allow endless tweaking and we notice that people tend to spend days tweaking instead of hours writing.

Most of what you need is now done. The next steps are to make a lead magnet, start a newsletter and of course, promote your writings on your various social media accounts and other blogs.

Stop thinking about it. Get off your butt and do it now. Next time we’ll talk about the next steps.