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How to not give a f*ck

I’m 51 years old and I don’t give a f*ck what people think about me, personally. Giving a f*ck means you give others a veto over your life.

We buy what we can’t afford, to impress people that we think care about us when, really, they don’t give a f*ck about us.

So if you shouldn’t give a f*ck what people think, what should you give a f*ck about?

Helping Others
Do give a f*ck about helping others. Every day people that you know and don’t know need your help. Offer solutions as much as you can. But know that you can’t force them to do what you want. (BTW, this is called compassion).

You should feel bad if people hate your ideas. But not because it affects you personally. Remember you should  not give a f*ck to what people think about you. Idea rejections should mean you try to give better ideas the next time or just present them better. It should force you to improve.

How you look
Yes, this seems opposite to what I’m saying. But one of the tenets of being slightly evil, is to manipulate those that compare how you dress to how they dress. You don’t really give a f*ck, but becuase you know what drives them, you can use that power to wear a nice dress that day and get the job, contract or promotion that you want.

Do you see a theme here? Don’t give a f*ck about their personal thoughts about you. In fact try to not even think about that.

See, f*cks are like a knapsack filled with stones. As you’re younger and more impressionable, you carry a really heavy bag. It makes you move slow.

As you get older, the number of f*cks you have gets smaller. Because you’re throwing them all out so you can do more and move faster.

The absolute sweet spot is when you’re young and have very few f*cks to give. It’s the most beautiful thing to see. Get rid of your f*cks by:

  • Giving
  • Sharing
  • Loving
  • Not Judging