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How to be lazy (ier)

Being lazy is hard work. Don’t believe me?

Sewing machine - invented because people were tired of hand sewing
Wheel - invented because people hated carrying things
Knife - It’s tiresome to skin meat with your hands stone chips
iPhone - Because we’re tired of carrying separate phones, computers, video playesr and music players.

Practically every invention you know was designed to save us time and effort.

As one of the laziest bastards out there, I revel in it and encourage as many people as I can to be lazier. Here are your tips.

Being lazy means you’re clever
Assume you have a task that normally might take 3 hours. That task is ripe for being more efficient. Spend 2 hours and 45 minutes figuring out to do the task in 15 minutes. Then do the task in 15 minutes. Most people will call you lazy, but you’ll just call them dumb.

In a messy room, lives a creative child
University of Minnesota studies show being messy in your room and on your desk at work, means you’re more creative and bolder in your life. Clean and orderly spaces means you are more tradition minded, while a messy environment means you tend to throw tradition out the window and invent new stuff.

Procrastination is not laziness
Like I said, if you procrastinate and leave things for later, it merely means you’re figuring out the best and most efficient way to do it. ¬†And bonus, because you now have a tiny bit of time left to do the work, you are more single-minded and focussed at it.

By that credo, if you’re hard working, you’re doing it wrong. Work smart instead. Stop and think how to do things more efficiently.

And the next time your parent tells you to clean up your room. Or your co-workers snicker at how untidy your desk it, or your boss asks if the report is ready as yet… Just smile.

Because you know our little secret.