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How in the world do you find the right accident lawyer? Well, there are multiple ways:

Word of mouth. If you've ever known anyone else that has been in a similar situation, they're a great resource to determine what lawyer you should (or should not) go to. Having experience with the legalities proceeding an accident will give you valuable information, and references.

The Internet. There are plenty of websites devoted to finding you the right accident lawyer. Other internet resources to think about are forums specific to legal issues. Different social networking sites are also great sources for reviews and information about lawyers in your city or area.

The phonebook. This can be a valuable resource for finding a list of lawyers in your area. Take a bunch of the names from the list, and do a search for each accident lawyer you've got. That way you can find either praise or complaints for that particular service (if available).

If you find yourself in this awful situation, it's important to make sure finding a good accident lawyer is as stress-free as possible. Using these additional resources will lead you to someone you can trust, without the risk of being taken advantage of.