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Today we will discuss the most common issue that is mental health & astrology.

We come across many people who have mental problems let us look at the planetary placement of such issues.

Moon is a planet of emotions and strongly rules a persons state of mind.

The word "Lunatic" which means crazy has been derived from the word Lunar which means Moon. Hence moon is one of the most important planet when you consider mental health/ illness of the subject.

The following placement makes a person mentally afflicted:

1. Debilitated moon with a malefic

2. Moon aspected by a natural malefic by PAC

3. Moon placed in "Ashlesha" is also a strong indication amongst other negative indication.

4. Moon afflicted by one or more malefic by PAC

5. Malefic planets in 12th & 2nd from moon also affects moon.

However any of the above mentioned combination does'nt mean the person is crazy or mentally afflicted it only means that the seed of illness is already inside him it may or may not sprout.

Along with any 3 or more above mentioned conditions and an afflicted mercury in terms of PAC will definitely make the person mentally sick in its Mahadasha/ Antar Dasha.

Not only moon but at times Shani - Mangal ie. Saturn - Mars combination also has its role to play in this.

I will request all the budding astrologers/ enthusiatics to not immediately jump to a conclusion when you see an afflicted moon/ mercury and tag a person "Sick" cos there is more to it. Along with this lagnesh and its placement the D9- D1 will give the complete picture.


Neha Pradeep Saini