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Have you ever felt that your life is not your own?
Miss someone before they even leave?
Feel bored and aimless with nothing to do?

That’s because you don’t yet have a center.

What’s a center anyway? It’s the thing that you do when you’re not with your kids. When you’re not at work. When you’re not with your loved ones. When you’re finished the task at hand and you’re ready to do something else.

It could be a hobby, a side business. Something that you have a healthy interest in. It’s NOT a person. People go away, temporarily or permanently. Making another person your center is a recipe for disaster.

A significant other that is clingy, has no center.
If you’re bored all the time – you have no center.
If you notice that someone makes you their whole life. Get them a center, fast.
Kids (yes children) are emphatically NOT your center.

Photography. Construction. Scrapbooking. Gardening. Programming. Blogging. Skateboarding. Gaming. Sex advisor. Podcasting.

It has to be something that you’re constantly thinking about. Figuring how to improve. Learning about.

You should have taken a youtube deep dive for hours without realizing the time has passed.

It can’t be something thats just causal that if you stopped doing it, you would not feel anything. You have to be intense about it.

If more of us had centers, then the world would be a better place.