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Have you achieved the desired results from your marketing activities? Do you still struggle to connect with the right customers? Utilization of quality customers’ data can solve all these issues. To plow out quality connections with the appropriate customers and enhance the business reach in the target market, marketers need to enhance the results generated from the email marketing activities. Yes, email marketing has always been the best way to connect with the right customers.

To help you out, Dossierc enables proper collection of accurate data of the target customers. The new web application requires you to log in and enter the URL of the company you want to connect with. As soon as you do it, you will be provided with a list of Free 1000+ email addresses. It is generated based on the company size, location, etc. You can select the required data so as to customize the list and finally, download it. That’s it… You will get the vital data related to the relevant customers you were looking for to connect and promote a healthy relationship.

Chrome Extension

Not only the web application, we have developed a Chrome extension that also works in the same manner and can be utilized by all the Chrome users. You can achieve your business plans as all the data included in our master database are well-tested and corroborated by the data experts connected with us. So, if you are planning to execute interesting marketing activities and you lack quality data of the target customers, then we will help you with the right set of data.

Connecting with the right customers is crucial, so our extension also includes Email Finder. You need to just install it. So, next time when you enter a target customers website, our Email Finder will automatically suggest you with certain email addresses of the decision-makers of the target customers, which we provide absolutely free for you. You can then download it and incorporate into the marketing activities to enhance the business results. Hence, we assure you will witness augmentation in the lead generation, expansion in the brand reach, and enhancement in the business relationship.

So, if you are a marketer in search of an accurate database, connect with us by visiting to get a free database of all the intended customers.