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Good Morning! I had some personal things come up this month that made it impossible for me continue sending emails. Eric kept the emails going because that’s the type of business partner he is.

He just gets shit done. Simple as that to be quite honest.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m writing this today. We’re working on a couple of things to try and move things forward and get some stuff done. Time is limited and it may sound easy but it’s not. I am not writing to tell you about this stuff that we are doing. Instead I’m writing to tell you to stop doing one certain thing that some continuously do…

They spend time browsing Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. They’re not looking for stupid updates but motivational posts. There are so many people out there producing content in an attempt to motivate people. While I commend each and every one of them, I don’t want you wasting your time every day watching their videos. It’s a huge waste of time. Even guys like Gary Vaynerchuk (who product the sickest content on the planet) say it’s a waste of time.

Let me put things into perspective for you…

How many people do you know that preach about these Internet entrepreneurs that are producing video content? Probably most that you know do.

Now think about this for a second, how many people do you know that have watched one video and have taken that boost in motivation, applied it to something and made strides in life? Probably less than you’d think.

What I’m driving at here is, real entrepreneurs don’t spend time watching motivational videos. They don’t spend time focusing on other people’s success stories.


They set a goal, put there head down and grind it out. They work their asses off to make progress on things. They don’t talk or brag about things because they are too busy making gains.

Get my point here?

So, what I want you to do is take some time today to watch some motivational videos that your favorite entrepreneurs have created. Go ahead and splurge on them because come Monday I don’t want you clicking on any of them.

If you need someone to make a video to get you to want to win then you’ve already lost.

Stay thirsty and hungry.

Attack today like a boss and finish strong!

Have fun but get shit done.