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Get Approved For An Extended Warranty Merchant Account
Credit Card Processing In case you are facing problems to find at ease and reliable payment gateway for your organization that takes care of extended warranties then service provider Merchant Stronghold assist you to out. we have the exceptional technology that makes use of safe and secure virtual terminal to let you process credit card payments in retail or online commercial enterprise.

Extended Warranty Businesses are Considered High Risk

When selling an extended warranty via a credit card, the customer can dispute the charge during 6 months. As a rule, not everything is covered by your extended warranty. When a customer buys a warranty and finds out it doesn’t cover his/her specific situation, he/she usually gets annoyed and disputes a chargeback. That’s why the extended warranty businesses are classified as high risk.

Extended Warranty Industry Processor Solutions

The extended warranty industry is considered to be high-risk industry due to its high chance of loss exposure. They also have a high chargeback ratio in terms of the comparison between high-risk vs. low-risk ventures. When a customer buys an extended warranty using the credit card, there is a time period of 6 months for the customer to dispute it. If the customer is unsatisfied with the warranty, they will request a chargeback. If the business does have the required funds to refund the amount, the credit card processor and the sponsor bank would have to pay it.

Credit Card Processing Solutions from Merchant Specialist

We know it is difficult to get approval for the merchant account from a reputed financial institution. But, you don’t need to worry at all. We’ve connections with some of the best banks and could help you to get began with merchant account fast. We are dealing with extended warranties merchant accounts for so many years and our highly expert and skilled team is capable of designing flawless solutions for your business.

we are affordable and reasonable prices which range as per the terminals. This could rely on the employer’s history and the risk factors concerned in investing with you. But, don’t worry even if you are a high-risk commercial enterprise. We have been providing effective solutions to many high-risk commercial enterprises as well.

We are happy to work with extended warranty companies and we can offer a unique set of solutions that can help your business stay viable for years to come. From technology to customer service, to cutting-edge tools like Chargeback Shield and Fraud Prevention, we have the key components to help your business succeed.