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As of now, the greatest internet gaming markets are generally in the EU. The European online betting industry is fast regardless of a calculation 10 billion Euros. The reason is that a few nations, for example, the US and China confine betting intensely. Or permit it in specific territories like Las Vegas and Macau.

Online Gambling Merchant Services

Online gambling is commonly known as gaming within the merchant services industry. It’s tabbed as high risk by most card processing providers. The reasons are as follows:

  • Online gambling businesses feature a high-volume turnover
  • Most gaming businesses are based offshore
  • If the business is a startup or new, acquiring banks can be put off by the lack of credit and transaction history
  • Gaming Merchant Account

    Merchant Stronghold understands the unique needs of online gaming. Whether it's online casinos, online gambling, online poker, social gaming or skill gaming, our experienced team intimately understands the challenges these businesses endure. Our high risk payment processing expertise can help your legal gaming business acquire merchant accounts and protect those accounts from excessive fraud using proprietary transaction algorithms created to seek out potential chargeback threats before they happen.

    Gaming Merchant Account from Merchant Stronghold

    Merchant Stronghold specializes in both online gaming merchant accounts and online gaming payment gateways and offers the best gaming merchant account in the industry. merchant stronghold team of experts in online gambling payment processors work closely with providers to ensure you can get the best for your business needs. So while once again we come to the risks involved in gaming, the higher the risks, the more unwilling a majority of the merchant account providers will be, and lesser the risks, the more easily they will approve your website for money transactions through them. For the ones with the more risky gaming businesses, Merchant Stronghold gives you the opportunity to partner with us for numerous high risk merchant accounts including gaming merchant accounts. As long as your casino and gambling business can maintain a chargeback rate below 3%, High Risk Merchant Accounts can get you a merchant account geared for either your high ticket or your high volume need. Be sure you can have your merchant account set up in as little as 48 hours.

    Most gaming businesses are offshore

    If it’s a startup, getting banks can be put off by the absence of credit and exchange history In any case, in the event that you operate in the high risk industry such as gaming and internet betting, you shouldn’t think you can’t secure a merchant account for your business. All you require is to turn to a reputable payment processor like High Risk Payment Gateway & Merchant Account| Merchant Stronghold that specializes in the high risk area and knows your professional business like no one else. Merchant Stronghold specializes in merchant accounts developed specifically for gaming and casino companies.