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Yesterday frequent reader Atinuke sent me a list of their hobbies which were using the computer, watching movies, reading novels and travelling.

Here’s some business ideas I sent to them:

(Remember to send in a list of your hobbies and we will translate them into business opportunities)

Book Recommendation Blog & Newsletter
Perhaps you could start a book recommendation blog. Based on the novels you’ve read and the new ones you know that are coming out, you could review/summarize them. Easy to start a free blog on Tumblr, Wordpress or Blogspot to do this in 10 minutes. Also send out each blog post in a newsletter. The work is to write something almost every day. For every recommendation that you make, supply the buy link at an online bookstore where you have an affiliate account.
Revenue Streams: Google Adsense, Amazon Associates commission.

Travel Guides
Start a travel blog to talk about the places you’ve been to or hope to go to. Write short e-books summarizing each city you have been to (maybe 15 pages). Then write articles on your blog, put up a link for people to buy your ebook on Kindle or Ibook store or just to download the PDF on Gumroad.
Revenue Streams: Amazon Kindle, Apple Ibooks.

Movie Recommendation Newsletter
Start a free mailing list (at, then every friday publish a newsletter with movies you recommend people watch. It could be past, present or future movies. Say where each movie can be found - example Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, cinema, etc. Repost these on the blog as well.
Revenue Streams: Newsletter Sponsorship (when it gets large). Amazon affiliates. Adsense on the blog.

What are your hobbies or interests that you have some knowledge in?

Send them in and i’ll translate them into real business opportunities!