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For organizations hosting one name however with completely different sub-domains (e.g.,,, the Wildcard Certificate may be an efficient and economical means that of securing all subdomains while not the requirement to manage multiple certificates.

Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard secure unlimited sub-domains on your site such as, and One Premium SSL Wildcard Certificate saves you money and time by simplifying SSL certificate management. Use a single certificate to secure all of your sub-domains.

Provide a Secure E-Commerce Environment to All Sub-Domains-

Save time and cash by consolidating your SSL Certificate management. If you've got one ranking domain and multiple sub-domain, you'll be able to use one SSL Certificate to secure all of them. Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard Certificate is simple to manage whereas providing future-proof 2048 bit root keys.

Features & Benefits By Premium Wildcard SSL Certificate

Secure multiple subdomains with one certificate

Full business validated certificate

Futureproof 2048-bit root keys

Trusted by all popular browsers

99.9% browser compatibility

128/256 bit encryptione

Unlimited Re-issuance Policy

Full telephone, email and web support

FREE 24/7 Technical Support

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Domain Name and Business Name Shown On Certificate

Free Unlimited Server Licenses

How Does Premium Wildcard SSL Certificate Work

comodo premium wildcard SSL certificate works an equivalent method as a daily SSL Certificate, permitting you to secure connection between your website and your site visitor browser- with one major advantage that one premium wildcard SSL certificates covers all of the sub-domain of your main domain.It provides an economical and economical means that of securing all of your sub-domain while not the manage multiple certificates.