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Fascinating Facts Of The Legend - Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee. The name conjures up badly dubbed Hong Kong films from the 70’s. Chinese restaurants and fighting bad guys.

I usually do a deep dive into Youtube or Wikipedia on specific topics. Like the fact that your cat is a stone cold killer.

Today I did a bit of a deep dive into Bruce Lee.

He’s an American philosopher
Yes. Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, then moved to Honk Kong with his parents. After his training there under the legendary Yip Man (yes, that Ip Man), he was sent back to America largely because of lots of fighting in school and bad influences as a youth.

His curiosity about martial arts led him to study, train and develop new nutritional and spiritual regimens for his craft while still in his twenties.

While as a student at the University of Washington, he studied philosophy. He was extremely well read and his own books contained many philisophical assenrions that applied to general life and the martial arts.

This interview makes great watching.

He has these crazy legitinate skills honed from years of training
Sometimes you watch the movies and forget who is behind them. Watch this short clip to see just how good Bruce Lee was with the Nunchaku. He’s playing table tennis with them (video) and beating his opponents!


He was also one of the most well conditioned martial artists since it was his opinion that its not just getting the skills, but being prepared to take things to the distance as well.

Why am I even talking about all of this today?

Bruce Lee died at 32 years old. After becoming one of the most iconic actors, teachers, philosophers and martial artists.

Today I was going to write about curiosity. But instead of being abstract about it, I wrote about Bruce Lee instead.

Bruce took himself to where he went, because he was curious.

He took the knowledge he learned from school and his marital arts teachers and took it to a level you would not believe.

Stay curious my friend.