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Every business needs accounting & bookkeeping services Irvine or locally to them. It is important to understand that accounting and bookkeeping go hand in hand but accounting is much broader than bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is mainly the keeping of records in a business, while accounting is the process of recording transactional information and all business financial activities.


This is an indispensable subject of accounting. It actually refers to the process of gathering, organizing, and storing the financial information base of a business for future use. Bookkeeping is needed for day-to-day operations and in preparing the financial statement, internal reports and tax returns for management of the business.

Bookkeeping is also known as recordkeeping. It can also be the financial information infrastructure of a business. The information base should be accurate, complete and timely. It is important to have quality controls to every bookkeeping system. These are called internal controls. Every company needs professional accounting & bookkeeping services for it to make informed decisions.


This is a broader term. Accountants give orders that bookkeepers must follow. It is comprised of different processes to help in determining the financial effects of the business. Accounting also includes the process of financial reporting of values. They also provide performance measures to entities that need the information. Financial reports help managers and investors to make informed decisions in the business.

Accounting is the process of designing internal controls for bookkeeping. This helps to minimize errors in keeping a large number of records. Accountants design internal controls that help businesses to detect and prevent embezzlement, theft, fraud and dishonest behaviours.

Accountants make reports based on the information provided by bookkeepers. Accounting & bookkeeping services Irvine depend on each other. Accountants also help businesses to measure profits and compare them with the previous years. For accounting to be successful, bookkeeping must be very accurate.