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Ever since I was a child, I knew what I wanted. To be rich, famous, a fireman. Then one day I ran across my uncle’s trove of disassembled radios and televisions and I was hooked. I wanted to fix things!

Much (much) later, I found I wanted to make things.

In life, what you want, will arrive right after what you gave.

In my last email I spoke about the importance of “having something to sell”. It must be a product or service, or skill. You can offer it by doing it in your job, a business, or freelancing.

Then - and only then, will you get what you wanted.

Most of us sit down and watch television, play at the computers or watch the news and bitch and moan about things not happening for us.

But we’re not putting anything out into the world.

By focussing on putting something out there, what you want, will automatically arrive.

There’s just no way that you can get what you want without giving yourself first.