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Erectile dysfunction may sound like a stressful problem. Well why not it would be? Difficulty while having an erection even when sexually aroused, is indeed a matter to get solved. Thus, the question sounds like, can ED be reversed?

The answer is simply yes. Which means that you can reverse ED with or without medicine. Some lifestyle changes and remedies help you to do so. But the chances of doing so depends upon many factors, depending upon the underlying problems of the male body. Read on the article to know some of the most effective natural and medicinal ways to deal with the problem.


In many cases, it has been found that ED can be reversed. Though as per the study, it can be said that ED cannot be treated. But through proper medicines for erectile dysfunction and lifestyle, its symptoms can be eliminated or treated. There are generally two types of erection problem as per the urologists.

1. Primary Erectile Dysfunction: A man who was never able to have an erection in his entire life. This condition is rare.

2. Secondary Erectile Dysfunction: This is the most common type of the disorder and is found in many men. This type of problem occurs on people who used to have an erectile function at some phase of their life but face irregular, partial or even complete dysfunction currently.

The secondary type is considered to be temporary; thus, it can be treated. Primary ED needs aggressive erectile dysfunction medications or treatments to be treated. With medicine or surgery, it can be treated. But it is always better to treat the symptom first and reversing the problem without surgery. The best and effective treatment also depends upon the choice of the person. Some find the traditional surgery method to be the best one for reversing the problem. Whereas others find medicines and other remedies to be super helpful.

METHODS OF REVERSING ED: There are simply a few categories you can find to reverse the disorder.

Changing the Lifestyle: technically, it is the best way to reverse ED. Erectile dysfunction depends upon your lifestyle quality to a considerable extent. Sometimes changing minor lifestyle practices can turn out to be bigger stimulator. There are many surveys and studies which found that in many cases lifestyle changes were behind ED reversal.

Your lifestyle change can start with maintaining your heart health.

The risk factors of heart diseases can also work as the risk factors of ED. Bad cholesterols, Smoking, drinking alcohol, having excessive weight, or eating habits can affect your sexual health.

Must indulge yourself in various physical activities and erectile dysfunction exercises to maintain a healthy and fit body. Excessive heart rate or short breath problem is caused by bad eating habits and risk of heart attack or stroke- Which is also responsible for creating the problem.

On the other hand, if your body doesn’t get enough time to rest, it also impacts your sexual health. A relaxed and rested body is more sexually active than a tired and exhausted one.

Increasing the frequency of sexual intimacy is also another essential lifestyle factor to impact the erection.

• Psychological Factors: It is not always physical symptoms that cause ED. Sometimes the psychological factors impact your body much more than the physical factors or erectile dysfunction drugs can. In the first point comes your relationship. Remember that a healthy relationship is the root of a healthy sex life.

Relationship dissatisfaction can lead to a negative impact on libido. Anxiety, stress, anger, and depression are other psychological factors that cause erection problem.

Yoga, Meditation and mindfulness program can help you to deal with your ED problem. You may even take the help of a mental therapist who can help you to deal with the problem.

Staying happy and satisfied can enhance your sexual performance.

Medicinal Factors: I don’t need to mention much about this category. I think. If you know about ED, you definitely are known to the drugs for ED that is available in the market. Many PDE5 inhibitors are present in the market, which can effectively treat ED. Those drugs can lead to an erection within a shorter period.

The pivotal factor of lower libido and erection problem is lower blood flow to the penis. Some people suffer from blocked arteries in their pelvic area. To get aroused, your penis needs adequate blood flow.

Though there always remains scope for gradual improvement, many men need to take help of ED drugs to treat the symptom. Another issue with people who suffer from ED can be the removal of their prostate gland. Even after careful nerve-sparing, many men suffer from shorter or longer erectile dysfunction after the surgery.

Viagra, cialis and levitra are some of the best male enhancement pills available in the market. All the medicines help to enhance the level of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a factor that impacts the erection.

Mechanical Devices: You can simply rely upon the devices to have an erection. Penile Pumps, are helpful to draw the blood from the body to the penis and result in a complete erection. This device is also beneficial for patients who have severe nerve damage. Even when you are suffering from another acute health disease, this device is safe and easy to use for you.

TAKEAWAY: In many cases, an erection disorder is a temporary problem which gets solved by improving general health. But men who are suffering from other physical dysfunction like nerve damage or insufficient blood supply to the penis might need to go for a particular medication.

ED is common and can generally be reversed by using simple remedies and erectile dysfunction pills. Determining the cause of ED early increases the possibility of reversing ED at the earliest. Speak with your doctor to select the best course of treatment for your case.