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Dronacharya IAS are a bridge between a life where learning turns into responsibilities. Moreover, you will find guides in the form of teachers who will make your endeavor worthwhile. We believe that the personality of an individual is groomed by the environment in which he/she lives in. Hence, we have developed a dedicated and disciplined environment that ensures quality education.

Dronacharya IAS place equal emphasis on research, depth of understanding and knowledge creation and have eminent authors, ex-civil servants and successful candidates in our faculty, whose curiosity and skills, will spearhead this objective. We extend support to the youth of the nation, with a customized effort, to nurture their abilities to the levels of competence and build a strong, skillful and talented nation.

We are the biggest institute in the region with a team of about 30 faculty members, 100+ selections, 9 classrooms and more than 500 students enrolled presently.