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Corporate events fail because of many reasons. Sometimes, it’s because of the venue. When you’re planning to host a workshop or a learning event, the venue has to be big enough for people to move around and work in groups. If the venue is too small, people will find it hard to interact and mingle with one another. Even distributing materials will be hard. The venue must also suit the personality of your guests. Sure, the corporate event must please your boss but you should not neglect your audience. If you have an energetic crowd, a less formal venue will be best for the event. Poor budgeting also leads to the failure of a corporate event. Make sure the decorations, food, props, and all fees are listed and are accounted for, and that there’s actually a budget for everything. Your speaker must also be well-prepared. They have to know the dress code, the theme, and what is expected of them during the event. If you still haven’t found the perfect guest speaker, or if you need help with the props, can help you with full or partial planning, on the day coordination, event styling and more!