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Bravo have earned a reputation as being a respected leader when it comes to supplying fighters with high quality MMA products from the biggest brands in the industry. We strive to offer products which have been approved by serious fighters for serious fighters. We also provide stylish MMA apparel for fight fans and casual spectators who want to dress like their favourite fighters.

we believe every article of bjj jiu jitsu clothing should provide you the means to effectively implement your full skillset and so our no-gi clothing has been developed in close consultation with BJJ masters and enhanced by the use of top-quality materials and construction throughout.

Putting together your BJJ gear arsenal can be fun and exciting - if you know what to get. This BJJ beginners checklist will tell you about all the Jiu Jitsu Gear you will need and want to get started with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This covers both the traditional form of BJJ (with a Gi) as well as No Gi Shorts. Have fun putting together your arsenal!